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Laughing your way to good health

Be deliberate in finding ways on a personal level to stay focused on gratitude and joy. Bring more laughter into your daily life (see the infographic below for great tips). Love your family and friends, appreciate the good we have in the world because we are in the process of a rebirth. And in order for that to happen, the old systems must be revealed and made obsolete with new systems that will give rise to a much better world for us all. I truly believe we are on the way to a much better place so stay focused and choose love over fear each and every day. Laughing is a wonderful way to relax and feel better.InfoGraphicKV-Apr2016

The Power of Sound

Did you know that our bodies are 70% water? Hard to believe! There a great book by Masaru Emoto called The Hidden Messages In Water where he shows how water will “absorb” or carry messages it picks up from images, sounds, and vibrations.

I love when science helps to bring the unseen into the seen. Cymantics is the study of sound. I wanted to share this video because it shows just how powerful sound really is….which means what we listen to, what we say to others, and even what we think has a profound influence on how we feel.

Watch and enjoy. I hope it broadens your perspective a bit!