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5 Ways to Get The Best Out of the Next Year

presentIn these hectic days of busy-ness, the best present you can give to yourself is to take a little time to evaluate your life. If we don’t do this regularly, time will disappear and before you know it, years have gone by and you’ll wonder where it went. Rather than allowing your life to slip through the sands of time, take a little time on a regular basis to evaluate where you’ve been and where you want to go.

Personally, I generally do the following activities at the New Year, my birthday (which is in March), and at the end of summer when I’m gearing up to finish the year. I recommend at the very minimum, annually, but quarterly or even monthly is great.

Here are some simple ways that you can keep your life on track moving forward towards the experiences you want to have. Take out a piece of paper or better yet, write this down in a journal so you can come back to it in the future to reflect back.

  1. Write down your top goals that you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. Just the act of putting it down on paper makes it more concrete and the odds of these things happening increase dramatically. In fact, only 3% of people actually write down their goals and according to a study of Harvard students, that 3% will make ten times more than the other 97% put together!
  2. Write down how you want to FEEL in the coming months. Get in touch with the emotions and feelings you want to have as your dominate feelings. Whether it is love, happiness, joy, abundance, peace, fun, excitement, passion, or whatever is important to you, bringing this awareness to how you are feeling is going to keep you on track of situations that are in line with these feelings—nor even more importantly, situations that are NOT in alignment with these core emotions.
  3. Write down what experiences you want to have. Be specific, dream big, bring fun into this. What are the things you’re dreaming about doing in your life. There is absolutely no time better than NOW to start experiencing it. Life is about living…not settling or waiting until the time is right or you have enough money/time/freedom/ability/insert your reasons here to make it happen. The dynamic about creating your life is that you need to be clear and specific about you want, set the intention to make it happen, and then guess what? It has a much higher liklihood of happening!
  4. Write down how you want to give back in your life. The key to bring joy into your life and creating the life you want to live is directly tied into how you want to give back. Your ability to receive grows as you give. And as you give, you help others feel good which in turn makes you feel good too. The more interactive this is, the better. Although it is nice to write a check to your favorite charity, it doesn’t have nearly the positive impact energetically on you versus going down to the local soup kitchen and helping to feed the homeless during the holidays or reading for children at the local library. These are just examples—come up with what feels right for you.
  5. Write down how you are going to take care of yourself and get committed. We only have one body and it is important to take care of it. So whether that means eating healthier foods, getting regular exercise, sleeping better, having more fun, nuturing relationships more, think about how you can take care of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Often people think it is selfish to put yourself before others but in fact, it is the exact opposite. When you take good care of yourself, you have more to give to others.

tweet When you take good care of yourself, you have more to give to others.

writeOnce you’ve written these 5 ways to get the most out of the coming year, think about all you’ve accomplished, and how far you’ve come so far. Celebrate your progress and know that you are getting in the driver’s seat of your life. You become empowered when you stop and take a little time for this reflection. And dream about how you want to experience your life. Because everything that we can imagine and dream about, we can bring into our experiences if we stay focused, determined, committed, and loving the path we’ve chosen to take. Good luck and here’s to making your dream life come true!

Why You’re Perfect

“You’re Perfect Because You’re Not.”happy-woman-in-white-300x255

I recently read this on a window while walking down a busy city street. It made me stop and think for a minute… and stuck in my brain permanently.

Such a simple statement, yet so profound…

We are ALL perfect, right here, right now.

There is nothing we have to do other than accept ourselves as we are — a work in progress!

Suffering comes when we become attached to an expectation. If you truly learn to be living in the present, being fully aware, you are able to love your imperfections.

You can forgive yourself because you are a work in progress and you aren’t done growing, learning, and discovering the best version of yourself.

Understanding that you are perfect because you are not allows love and self compassion to flood your life. It brings a level of acceptance that eliminates a lot of the criticism, harsh judgments, and berating we tend to do to ourselves.

You can either be your own worst enemy or the one who loves you the most.

unhappy-teen1-300x171Having teenager daughters, we often have discussions about image and self confidence. Those teenage years can be some of the harshest in our lives when we are so wrapped up in what everyone else thinks about us.

I know many adults still feeling the sting of cruel words that were said to them in their younger years.

It is such a fragile time. We do not need to carry those wounds.

You can choose to heal, accept, forgive, and move forward with your life.

With these magical words, you are given permission to do so. It frees you up to work consciously to be the best version of yourself.

I recently had one of the deepest coaching sessions with a new mentor. In a matter of a few minutes, he had taught me the power to be aware of being aware.

That is how you can bring yourself into the present moment. This is conscious living.

Our egos tend to take us into living in the past or into the future — anything but the present

We are the only species who replays movies in our head over and over and continue to suffer from them, whether you are beating yourself up for something you’ve done or are worrying about a future event. Either way, it is not serving you.

Bring yourself to seeing the joy in the small, seemingly inconsequential moments of life. Because in the end, it is those little memories that make all the difference.

Love yourself because you are NOT perfect… because you are perfect just like that!

How Afformations can change your life

Having recently met Noah St. John, the best selling author of Afformations, I had to let you know that his new method of afformations is revolutionizing how we can work with affirmations. Watch these short videos and learn how you can really become empowered and start applying these techniques today. Definitely check it out and you can purchase his book on Get inspired and empowered!

Putting Yourself First—for a change!

How often do you think about pleasing yourself? We often put ourselves on the bottom of the list for nurturing and caring for when in reality we should be at the top—then we’ll have more energy to give to others.

Women, and mothers especially it seems, are notorious for giving until they don’t have anything left of themselves. Although some men/dads are also falling into this category more often now (and my husband is one of them too!) This is not the way of the future as it is not sustainable in the long run.

Here are 10 easy ways to do things for yourself that will improve your life immediately. How many of these are you doing regularly?