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What can we do about this?

I want to give a shoutout to the incredible work that Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is doing. This is a non-profit organization founded by Tim Ballard that is working hard to stop human trafficking and CHILD sex trafficking all over the world. We’ve supported them over the years at Evoloshen and I’ve been following this issue closely since 2015.

There are over 45 MILLION people trapped in modern day slavery today, which is more than in any other time on this planet! Unfortunately, many people are not even aware of this. The human trafficking industry is estimated to be worth over $150 BILLION dollars globally for the perpetrators of these crimes.

Victims are scarred for life when they have been abused, especially for victims of child sex trafficking. It’s not something that goes away, they carry that burden their entire lives and it takes work and courage to survive, overcome, and live a normal life.

There are networks that sometimes use this for blackmail as well. With the recent conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell, partner of Jeffrey Epstein, I think we are going to see more in the news about BIG names being involved; whether it was for their personal “fun and enjoyment,” or blackmail, remains to be seen.

One thing I’ve also learned over the years is that many of the organizations that are supposed to help are actually fronts to cover up and facilitate these criminal networks. So, I’m very cautious about which organizations to support.

O.U.R. is one of the best out there and they are fighting from all angles—from exposing and arresting the criminals to recovering and rehabilitating the victims.  This is a short video about what O.U.R. accomplished in just 2021 alone.

There is a lot of work to be done! The only way we will rid our world of these crimes is to understand that this dark world is underlying many of our systems currently. The victims have lived through it, the least we can do is be willing to look at it ourselves and not pretend it doesn’t exist!

We need to raise awareness and then prosecute to the fullest extent possible in every country. This is a global epidemic—let’s not keep our heads in the sand because it’s an unpleasant topic.

So, what can we do about this? Please share this article and raise awareness. Supporting O.U.R. is one way that you can proactively take action and join in this battle to overcome some of the worst crimes against humanity.