Why You’re Perfect

“You’re Perfect Because You’re Not.”happy-woman-in-white-300x255

I recently read this on a window while walking down a busy city street. It made me stop and think for a minute… and stuck in my brain permanently.

Such a simple statement, yet so profound…

We are ALL perfect, right here, right now.

There is nothing we have to do other than accept ourselves as we are — a work in progress!

Suffering comes when we become attached to an expectation. If you truly learn to be living in the present, being fully aware, you are able to love your imperfections.

You can forgive yourself because you are a work in progress and you aren’t done growing, learning, and discovering the best version of yourself.

Understanding that you are perfect because you are not allows love and self compassion to flood your life. It brings a level of acceptance that eliminates a lot of the criticism, harsh judgments, and berating we tend to do to ourselves.

You can either be your own worst enemy or the one who loves you the most.

unhappy-teen1-300x171Having teenager daughters, we often have discussions about image and self confidence. Those teenage years can be some of the harshest in our lives when we are so wrapped up in what everyone else thinks about us.

I know many adults still feeling the sting of cruel words that were said to them in their younger years.

It is such a fragile time. We do not need to carry those wounds.

You can choose to heal, accept, forgive, and move forward with your life.

With these magical words, you are given permission to do so. It frees you up to work consciously to be the best version of yourself.

I recently had one of the deepest coaching sessions with a new mentor. In a matter of a few minutes, he had taught me the power to be aware of being aware.

That is how you can bring yourself into the present moment. This is conscious living.

Our egos tend to take us into living in the past or into the future — anything but the present moment.black-woman-hugging-herself-275x300

We are the only species who replays movies in our head over and over and continue to suffer from them, whether you are beating yourself up for something you’ve done or are worrying about a future event. Either way, it is not serving you.

Bring yourself to seeing the joy in the small, seemingly inconsequential moments of life. Because in the end, it is those little memories that make all the difference.

Love yourself because you are NOT perfect… because you are perfect just like that!

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